How to deal with road rage

road-rage1 Driving absolutely safe on the road may also sometime save you from road rage. Read on:

What is road rage?

It is defined as a mental condition where drivers tend to loose their temper or react violently to an on-road disturbance. Some aggressive drivers tend to react negatively by threatening or retaliating suddenly. This leads to a serious issue of traffic’s and your safety. Road rage is a plague which infests our society. Nowadays people get the frustration and stress levels are so high that people are always on short fuse. Always remember that while driving a defensive approach works best. This minimizes any risk of injury or even worse a serious crash.

Don’t do unto others

Don’t be easily provoked on road. It will not only affect your health; higher BP and heartbeat. It also distracts your driving, putting you off the mood as well. The key thing is to restrain you. If you are naturally or professionally aggressive, it gets into nature also.

Even the best drivers suffer

You may have got compliments for being a very good driver but on road people might feel exactly the opposite about you. Don’t blindly cross the green signal. Somebody else may be crossing the wrong signal. You may be unintentionally blocking someone which may provoke aggressive behavior from others. Someone violating any law may also instigate the other person.

Stay out

It’s best to not get into the way of aggressive and rash drivers. Slow down your speed to let pass those who are always in a hurry. As the society is changing, and loneliness is creeping in, people are more focused on themselves, completely overlooking the other person. Hence let other drivers do what they want and you try to drive safely within your speed-limits.

Don’t take it personal

Even if you meet with an accident, just act rationally. Keep cool and calm and under control. Don’t hold any personal grudges towards the other person.

For safe driving, focus on your own driving and never lose temper.


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