How to deal with depression

how_to_deal_with_depression Depression has become a very common problem in a stressed out world. Large number of people in America are depressed.

The question is that how one can fight depression.

1- Take help of a psychologist- One can take help of a psychologist or a doctor to fight depression. A psychologist has various cures both in medicine and general behaviour to fight depression.

2- Exercising- Exercising is one sure way to fight depression. The mood of a person goes through change once he starts exercising. The exercise can be in any form, it can be cycling, It can be aerobics or it can be dancing. Exercise elevates the mood. Yoga can be a good way of elevating the mind as well. There are certain postures in yoga which helps relieve the tension inside a person.

3- Being positive- Try to be positive. Make your mind a place where good things reside. Do not take recourse to those memories which puts you off. It is said that thinking makes a man. What you think , you become. So if you think good things then obviously you will be a happy person.

4- Try to analyse the problem- Its important that you analyse the problem. What is making you sick, discuss your problems with your family and friends. You will definitely be able to get answers to your problems.

5- Don’t be alone-  Socialize. Try to seek company of your friends. It will help your mind move away from those things which makes you depressed. There is an excitement when one is with friends.

6- Try to inculcate hobbies- Try to inculcate hobbies. Do whatever you like. It may be painting or it may be reading. The mind of a person is involved and the depression goes away.

7- Play games- You can play any of the games, be it an outdoor game or an indoor game. A game can take your mind away from things which makes you anxious.


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