How to cut cost of a summer camp

summercamp1 You may be in a financial crisis and your children want to go for a summer camp. Here are a few tips on how to cut the cost of your child’s summer camp.

Choose the right camp. Find out what the available options of summer camps are before you choose one. This way you can find the cheapest one or the one which suits your needs. You could attend a camp fair to find out which one to choose.

Register early. Many camps offer a discount to participant’s or families who will commit early. It is difficult to plan for a trip so very early but it may save you some money. However when you register ask about the camp’s policies for refunding money. Ask them what the procedure is for a cancellation just in case you will not be able to make it. You do not want to be in a situation where you are paying for a camp which you or your children cannot even attend!

Volunteering to serve in the camp might be a good idea. This way you get to spend time with your children as well, rather than just sending them away. If you volunteer the camp may give you a discount because you have done some work for them. This may be a wonderful experience for you as well.

Sibling discounts. Before registering inquire as to whether they give a fee waver for two children from the same family. It certainly is worth asking! Some camps even have policies to charge less from children of needy families.

Referring a friend to the camp might avail your child a discount. Some camps have this policy. However do not refer anyone to a camp you know nothing about. Introduce the camp to your friends only if your child has been in it once and has enjoyed it.


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