How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

erectile-dysfunction Erectile dysfunction, which means problem in men to get a satisfactory erection as there is less circulation of blood to the penis, usually affects men of above 65 years age. But there are exceptional cases too of erectile dysfunction at early age too. Unlike popular misconception, ED is very much curable.

1.Diet– Avoid foods which contain excessive amount of fats, high cholesterol, saturated food items, fast foods, and oily foods, animal based products. Keep in mind to maintain the zinc level in the blood. Decrease in zinc leads to erectile dysfunction.

2. L-Arginine– It is an amino acid that helps to soothe the blood vessels when it produces the nitric oxide needed for this process. The dosage of L-Arginine should not exceed the limit of 2 grams per day. It is available in tablet form at medical stores. Relaxing the muscles results in smooth flow of blood to the penis, thereby enhancing erection. L-Arginine is also known as “natural Viagra” as it is easily found in meat, dairy products, fish and poultry. Note that this has side effects such as gastric problem (due to increase in stomach acid), aggravates ulcers and increases potassium levels in the body which is harmful for liver.

3. Physical Exertion- Decrease in stress levels helps to improve one’s libido. How to reduce stress? By relaxation, meditation, exercise, proper breathing, and eating whole grain foods. Live in this world but still be detached- half of your stress will vanish away.

4. Herbs– Gingko and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera or the Indian Ginseng) are two main herbs for ED treatment. Erectile dysfunction caused as a side effect of anti-depressants is caused by the gingko herb. Some studies say gingko is no better than placebo but still gingko helps. Gingko relaxes the muscles and fastens the blood flow. Indian Ginseng boosts the stamina and sexual energy but it has the side effect of inducing sleepiness or drowsiness.

5. Water– Increase in weight is sometimes a cause of ED too. Drink lots of water daily, every two hours, to lose weight. Our mind cannot distinguish between hunger pain and thirst pains, so drink water whenever you feel you are hungry. Or drink water soluble products to supplement your food. It helps in cholesterol and fluidity of the body.

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