How to Buy Kajal

kajal1 Kajal is a staple in a woman’s makeup drawer.  It is used to accentuate the eyes and give them a distinct look.  Sometimes you don’t even need makeup, just a quick outline to your eyes of kajal.  There are many ways to apply kajal.  You can use your fingertip to smudge it or create a finer line with a pencil or liquid liner.  There is a technique to follow in order to buy the right kajal.

Start off by buying a good brand.  Some reputable brands that you can choose from are Blue Heaven, Chanel, Lakme, Lotus, and Streetwear.  The kajal pencils come with a thick tip or a thin one.  The tip of the kajal pencil should have a good round tip.  It should be firm for an even application but not so sharp that it pokes and pulls at your eye.

If you choose a liquid kajal check the brush of the liquid liner.  It needs to be an even, smooth brush.  You do not want your application to be broken and uneven.  The pencil will need to be resharpened and the brush replaced to get a smooth application on the inside of your eye lid.  You can also buy a powder kajal.

It is important that you buy your kajal from a reputable vendor.  Do not buy it off of someone from the street who says that they make the product in their home and who boasts that the kajal has medicinal value.  These forms of kajal are often unhygienic and can cause irritation to your eye.  Stick with kajal brands that are sold from reputable department stores or makeup specialty stores.

Because your eye is sensitive, stop using the kajal if your eye starts to water or if your eye gets pink with irritation.  You will also have to be careful when applying the kajal to the inside of your bottom eye lid.  Try not to poke yourself in the eye with the pencil or liquid liner and take care not to get the powder in your eye.  If you have complications with your eye, refrain from using kajal inside your eye and visit a doctor.  You may need to resort to just applying it to the outside of your eye lid instead.


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