How to be romantic

romance1 Being romantic is expressing your love for someone in an unexpected way. Being romantic may be seen as silly and unimportant by many but it gives your relationship the nourishment it needs.

Make it special: Doing something or getting something special for your loved one will break the monotony of your day to day life and give your relationship a breath of fresh air. It will make the other person feel important and you will get the best of him or her. Remember that it is the little things in life that matter. make it as personal as you can. Find out what he or she needs and likes. This will help you to decide on what you can do or buy.

Court them: Pretend you have just met your lover or your partner and treat them like you are wooing them. They will feel that they are not taken for granted. Call them up and fix a date!

Be sincere: Do not say things you do not mean. When you say you love someone mean it. To make someone feel special you need to actually appreciate their presence in your life. Most people easily forget how amazing the other person is when they see them everyday and only focus on their faults.

Be your self: Do not overly try to impress anyone. It is also important to find time for your self. You should not be spending all your time trying to romance another. It is good to joke and try to make the other laugh but avoid sarcasm unless both of you are in the mood for it or it may need a lot of explaining. Make sure to hold hands and make eye contact which is essential for any romance to take place. Do not assume that the other person is just like you and will enjoy what you do. There is no point planning to do something that you like. You are making the effort to make the other person feel special so make sure they do!

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