How to be a good team member?

teammember Team work is an essential part of today’s corporate life. You cannot exist in today’s corporate world if you are not capable of working in a team comfortably. Being a good team member will slowly help you climb the steep slope of success. Thus, you should stay focused and work hard to develop the qualities of a good team member.

Here are some tips to help you be a strong and successful member in your team:

1)    In order to be a good team member the first thing you should note is that you should know the team’s vision as well as mission very clearly. Your role and responsibilities towards your team should be completely transparent to you. You should also clearly know the roles and responsibilities, the strengths and weaknesses of your other team members well. This will help you achieve your goals better.

2)    The combined aim is to achieve the team’s target. In order to do so it is important that you, as a team member should be honest, transparent, far sighted and helpful towards the other members.

3)    Be a good listener. Try to concentrate and speak less unnecessary at team meetings. This will help you to develop your analytical skills and also will help you learn from others. You will be able to differentiate between the right and the wrong easily and at the same time you will be able to grow your patience.

4)    In order to be a good team member one of the most important quality that you should develop in you is to be patient. Never loose your temper unnecessarily as this will make you earn a bad name.

5)    Treat your team as a family. You need to stay at office for a minimum period of eight to ten hours thus; it is essential that you should behave well with all your team members and develop a bond with them that will help you work better.

6)    Help your team members whenever required. For example if your colleague needs to push off early due to some important personal engagement and you have enough spare time, you can always them complete their responsibilities. This will help you build a stronger bond with the other members. However, make sure that you not get exploited due to this helping nature.

7)    Be flexible in terms of work. Never show that you are rigid to your team members, as this will earn you a negative reputation. Avoid your ego to interfere in your relation with your team member. This will make the team stronger.

8)    Praise others members of the team with an open heart. The best you can do is to stay diplomatic in most cases. Avoid creating enemies within the team. Healthy competition is always needed but that does not mean that you will harm you team members.


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