How to balance between your mother and your wife?

motherwife This can be the most impossible task for any man. If your mom and wife share a real cordial and friendly relationship with each other than you are truly blessed. However, this is not the case always. There are generally common differences between them which if not addressed properly can grow bigger with time. Thus, being a man it is really tough to balance between both these relations. These decisions are generally situation bound and you can take the best possible decision only when you come across such situations.

However, here are some tips for you to create a balance between these two relationships and handle them smoothly.

Being a man you will have to be strong and unbiased in your decisions. This way you will be able to retain a healthy environment in your household.

In order to avoid clashes between your mom and your wife you should be aware of their individual natures. Study their mentalities well. Always avoid getting involved in their direct conflicts unless you are dragged into it. However, if you are dragged into it already then always try to stay neutral. Avoid being bias as this will hamper the relationship further and the one you do injustice to will loose her faith on you.

Mothers generally have a feeling that their son’s have become more close to their wives than them after marriage. Thus, they start developing a sense of insecurity. Do not let your mom develop such mental syndrome. Explain her how important she is in your life and similarly, point out the relevancy of your wife’s position in your life too. Make her understand that like her even your wife cares for you. Assure her that you will be by her side always.

Explain your wife how important your mother is to you. Try to maintain good relationships with your in laws and your wife will also do the same. If she sees that you are so caring towards her family, she will surely realize her responsibilities towards your family and will return the same treatment.

If your mother complains you about your wife and you see that it is not relevant enough to be discussed, do not encourage her much on such issues. The same is applicable for your wife too. This will help you to maintain a healthy relationship between them.

Give your mom her due respect and your wife her due position and you will notice the positive change in your household.

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