How to apply nail polish

nail-polish1 Nail Polish is an important fashion accessory which helps in creating a style statement of your own. There is a vast array of colors and shades of nail polish available in the market. You should select the color of nail polish carefully considering some factors like your personality, your complexion, occasion and your outfit. Application of nail polish can change your look instantly.

Tips and Tricks to make the nail polish stay longer

You need just three fine strokes to apply nail polish; Two on each side and one in the middle. All of these strokes are made from the base of the nail to the tips of the nail.

First of cleanse your nails with nail polish remover. Then apply a thin coat of base nail polish. Let it dry completely and now apply a coat of nail color, keeping the brush in the centre of the nail. Make sure to apply it from the base to the tip of the nail.  Now apply nail color on both sides, from base to the tip of the nail, without touching the skin.

Wipe across the tip of the polished nail, using a tissue paper. To get the desired results, you can apply second coat of nail color. But do it only after the first coat has dried completely and also avoid touching fingers to check for dryness. After the second coat is also dried, use quick strokes of the enamel.

Other important tips to get perfect nail polish application

*To improve the health of the nails, massage your nails with olive oil weekly.

*If you want to have French Manicure, instead of using white nail polish, use white pencil beneath the tip of the nail.

*Avoid filing nails on the corners as this makes nails weaker and brittle.

*If your nails are too damaged, avoid applying nail polish rather keep them clean.

*To make the enamel stay longer, dip the freshly painted nails in the ice-cold water for about 15 minutes.


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