How Multiple Sclerosis Effects Marriage

multiplesclerosis Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a non- curable disease that effects the central nervous system of the body. The central nervous system means the brain and the spinal cord- both are the basis of the well being of the human form. Multiple sclerosis is also known as an “autoimmune disease” because in MS, the body’s own immune system attacks itself- the cells of the brain and the spinal cord.

A marriage takes a new turn when of the spouse is diagnosed to be suffering from multiple sclerosis. The equations between them do not remain the same as before. Either it changes for the good of for the worse, depends on the couple.

In such a case, the spouse with sclerosis becomes dependent on the other; the other spouse assuming the role of a care giver, lover, provider and parent too because with sclerosis, the partner cannot fulfill their familial responsibilities.

As a caregiver, the spouse needs to take care of medications, try to avoid stress and fatigue from both their livs, do the household work and protect the partner from any negative feelings too. Many a times, the relation between the spouses is reduced to a child- caretaker role. This is not a positive outcome. Make it amply clear to  the spouse that you still love him/her as before and is taking pity upon them.

As a provider, the spouse may have to become the sole breadwinner of the family since the partner becomes incapable to work after a certain point when the disease spreads more.

As a lover, the spouse needs to reassure the partner of their ever lasting love and commitment. Most of the time, the patient begins to feel depressed and frustrated over their helpless state. The only way to solve this is to indulge in an open communication.

As a parent, the spouse has to face the challenge of taking care of children and the partner too. The challenge increases manifold. Keep you calm under such circumstances.  Ask you family and friends to pitch in.

The need of the hour has to be proper knowledge about MS, its cures and therapies. The couple should have a rock solid foundation of love to prevent the marriage from breaking apart.

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