How Can A Woman Take The Initiative

woman Most of the time we see that it is the male sex who takes the initiative in a love relation, be it even a small kiss or a hug. Women feel, generally, reluctant taking the first step thinking about the impression it would create.

Forthcoming women get tagged with epithets such as ‘corrupt’ or having ‘loose morals’ whereas the passive and submissive women are seen as ‘virginal’ and ‘pure’.

Believe me, there are no basis for such discriminations. The woman and the man should be equally involved as much as the man is expected to lead the way for the woman.

Here are few things a woman can do to initiate romance:

1. Be Romantic

It is a huge turn on for the guys when they hear their lady love giving words to their deepest desires and fantasies. Unleash the power of imagination and cast away all inhibitions. If a woman feels inhibited in front of her love, then she should do a realty check on the relationship she is into.

And remember, every action has a reaction. If the woman feels her lover is not paying attention to her, then instead of nagging and fretting, be the first one to get romantically close to him.

2. What Do You Like?

Tell him frankly about your likes and dislikes. It is a fact that most women imagine her lover to figure out the things she likes automatically. This is impossible. If you do not communicate, believe me, there are grim chances of your satisfaction.

This is not only true in the area of passion but to other dimensions of a relationship. Better communication; better results.

3. Ask About His Likes

Oh boy! He will be on top of the world if you can ask him that. Guys also have emotions and feelings, they just don’t show it. It is also wrong to assume that all guys want only wild and unrestraint sex. Sure they do, but they too have a romantic side and you are a lucky girl if you can explore that.

Initially, he may seem reticent in opening up, but when he is sure that you mean what you say, he will start responding. After all, he also needs to be cure as to how his words would be perceived.

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