Homemade Complexion Lotions

complexion Requirements: 250 ml distilled water; 1/4th tsp of sodium benzoate; 25 grams of lime water; lime flowers; rose water.

How To: Boil the lime flowers for approximately an hour. Drain it and keep it aside to cool. After it completely cools off, add the lime water and the sodium benzoate. Add rose water in proportion to the quantity of the lotion created. Store in the refrigerator and use with cotton pads.

Requirements: 2 tsp almond oil; 2 tsp cornflower extract; 2 tsp carrot juice or cucumber juice; 2 tsp liquid paraffin and 4 tsp glycerin. 

How To: This cannot be stored so make it every time you want. First heat the paraffin and the almond oil together. Then add the remaining ones. Apply to the face and let it be till it dries completely. First, wash with warm water and then clean off completely with cold water.

Requirements: 1000 ml distilled water; 2 cups of alcohol; a cup of witch hazel extract and 30 Gms of borax powder.

How To: on medium flame, heat the water and dissolve the borax powder in it. Turn off the burner and let it cool. Add rest of the ingredients and store in an air tight container.

Requirements: 4 tsp olive oil; 2 tsp borax powder; 2 cups of rose water and a cup of lavender extract.

How To: Boil the oil. In the meantime, mix rose water with the borax powder. Add the oil to the mixture. After it cools, add the lavender extract. The lotion can be stored in refrigerator upto two months at the most.

Requirements: 5 tbsp flax seeds; 7 tbsp glycerin; 3 cups of vinegar; scented oil

How To: Soak flax seeds overnight in warm water. Later boil it for 20 minutes. After straining it, add glycerin and vinegar. Boil the mixture and add scented oil if you want. This treatment is ideal for dry skin.

Requirements: 6 tbsp of honey; 1 ½ cup of dried chamomile; 1 ½ cup of milk; and 10 tsp of wheat germ.

How To: Soak the chamomile for few hours in milk. Then add honey and wheat germ. Store in a bottle.


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