Home Remedies for Sinusitis

sinus Sinusitis is the inflammation caused to the mucous membrane lining the sinuses. It may result in constant sneezing, running nose, headache etc. The person may feel fever, vomiting and breathing problems. It may affect any person devoid of their age and sex. Here are some home remedies for sinusitis.

Home Remedies

1.    Fenugreek

Take two or three table spoon of fenugreek and add one cup of water to this seeds. Boil them in low flame till the water content reduces to half the amount. Keep it aside for cooling and sieve the contents. Take this water in three or four times a day and repeat this process till you feel completely relieved from the disease.

2.    Ginger

Ginger is an ideal remedy for nasal problems. Take juice from the raw ginger and consume it daily twice at a dose of two table spoon each time.

3.    Mustard

Add a teaspoon of mustard seeds  to a cup of water and boil it in low flame. Reduce the water to half and let it cool. Pour two to three drops of this liquid in to the nose with the help of a dropper.

4.    Cinnamon Seeds

Make paste with two teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a little water. Apply this paste on the nose and the head which will help you to reduce the sinusitis.

5.    Garlic

Soak five or six garlic cloves in water and prepare a paste with this. Now inhale the aroma of this paste which will untie the mucus and help you to breathe easily.

6.    Fruits

Try to include more fruits that are rich in vitamin C like orange, grapes etc. This will have a curative effect on your sinusitis.

7.    Cumin

Add a teaspoon of black cumin seeds in to a thin cotton cloth and tie them. Dip this cloth in hot water and inhale the aroma.

8.    Eucalyptus

Add eucalyptus oil in to warm water and bath in that water. Also inhale the eucalyptus oil added in to the hot water.

9.    Basil

Make a paste of basil leaves with honey and consume the paste daily in the morning.

10.    Vegetable Juice

Make a mixed vegetable juice with carrot, beetroot, cucumber and spinach. Mix 100 ml of cucumber juice and beetroot juice and mix it with 200 ml of spinach juice. Add 300 ml of carrot juice to this mixture. This juice will benefit you to cure your sinusitis.


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