Health Benefits Of Grapefruits

grapefruit Grapefruits belong to the citrus family and are a product of the natural cross breeding between pomelo and oranges. Sometimes it tastes bitter and sour as well. They grow in clusters just like grapes,the diameter of grapefruits varies between 4 and 6 inches.

Some of the health benefits of grapefruits are as follows:

– It contains phytonutrients like liminoids, flavonoids, glucarates which helps us to combat cancer. The rind of grapefruits contains a large amount of flavonoids. They also help pregnant women by reducing swelling and water retention in their bodies.

– A glass of grapefruit juice mixed with lemon and honey reduces tiredness and fatigue.

– The rind and the fruits contain lots of fibers for smooth bowel movement.

– It helps to reduce diabetes and it acts as a preventive factor from sugar and starch accumulated in human body.

– Grapefruit juice helps to reduce acidity because of the ‘alkaline reaction’ it produces in stomach.

– A glass of grapefruit juice daily removes the chances of common cold and fever.

– Grapefruits contain pectin and Vitamin C which reduces the arterial deposits, thus protecting the heart from getting clogged. Red grapefruits help to reduce cholesterol by 15%, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published in 2006.

– Enzymes found in grapefruits absorb sugar deposits from body which helps obese people in reducing weight. Have a grapefruit everyday before a meal and see the difference in weight within months.

– A compound called naringenin, recently discovered, has been found to repair damaged DNA cancer cells. This discovery is important as it will help thousands of people to receive protection against the multiplication of cancer cells, thus stopping the growth of cancer cells.

In all, grapefruits contain the essential nutrients required by the human body such as limonene, citral, citric acid, Vitamin C, D, E, K, Vitamin B complex, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus and potassium.


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