Health Benefits of Cinnamon

cinnamon-1 Cinnamon is a natural herb widely used in preparing delicious recipes almost all over the world. It is easily available on the grocery stores. Though there are many types cinnamon but the most commonly used type is Cassia. Besides adding flavor to the food, cinnamon has major medicinal and health properties also which make all more important to be taken in your daily diet. Cinnamon is the rich source of manganese, iron, calcium and fiber. You can sprinkle it over your toast or cake or take a cup of tea imbrued with cinnamon.

What are the Traditional uses of Cinnamon?

Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years in China and India. It is known to increase vitality, boost energy, and increase blood circulation. It is often given to the people with cold feet to increase the warmth of the body. It is often put in Chai or tea to increase the flavor and the digestion of fruits and dairy products. It also helps treating cold, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, diabetes, painful menstruation, indigestion among many. It has blood thinning properties.

In a recent study, sixty people with type 2 diabetes were given cinnamon in pill form equivalent to one teaspoon. It was helpful in reducing total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides level, fasting blood sugar. Cinnamon has regulatory effect on blood sugar. Cinnamon is quite effective treating arthritis. It can also fight E.Coli bacteria.

Cinnamon prevents clotting of blood. It is the natural food preservative, protects against colon cancer, anti-inflammatory. It fights against yeast infections. It protects against coronary artery diseases and strokes.

If you are taking Cinnamon it should be in mild quantity in your regular food, it does not matter much but if you are going to take it therapeutic doses, definitely consult your doctor as it may effect any medication you are taking especially for diabetes, anti-clotting medicine or pregnant woman.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, stress, constipation, Rheumatism. One important thing to be noted, do not take this oil internally as this is concentrated oil, so its ingestion can be fatal.


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