Hairstyles For Different Face Types

hairstyles Smooth and stylish hair is one of the important enhancement factors for a woman’s beauty (something which even the feminists would not deny). For a woman, hairstyles speak a lot about personality, upbringing, attitude and confidence. But as you would know, not every hair style suits every face. It is a lot of fun to experiment with new hair styles. Before doing that, know what your face type is and what hair style suit you best.

If You Have A Round Face: Maintain the length of hair just below the shoulder and cut it in layers. If you have a heavy texture, lighten it out on the sides whereas the centre should be left heavy. It will add volume to your hair without making the face look roundish.

If You Have A Rectangular Face: Owing to the unique shape of the face, choose a hair style that has space for freedom and movement. Long stresses would not suit you. Try to add volume to the texture as it will accentuate your cheek bones and shorten the length of the face. Best not to tie your hair.

If You Have A Square Face: To blend with your face, only a ‘bang’ hair will suit you because it will cover your wide jaw. Do not keep the hair very long or very short, just about medium length. Let the hair fall lose.

If You Have An Oval Face: Luckily, almost every hair style suits you perfectly well. Keep it long, short, heavy or curly. For an oval face, experiment with hair styles often.

If You Have A Triangular Face: Either go for a very short hair cut or keep it long with great volume as it will accentuate your looks, especially the cheeks. Throw in some colours for the cool and funky look.

If You Have A Nut Like Face: In such a face, the base of the face is narrower than the upper face. Choose a hair style that will add volume to the chin area and make it look wide.


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