Hairdos for Long Hair

hairdo The fashion world is ever-growing and ever-changing. One minute short hair is in, and then long hair, then wavy hair, then curly hair and so on. Well, for those women with long hair who either don’t care, or who do care and are trying to obtain long hairdos, this article just may be what you’re looking for. Some are easier to do, while others are harder and take more time, consideration and money. Let’s focus on some easy to assemble hairdos for the lovely ladies who either don’t have the time, or don’t have the patience and money.


Braids are stylish and can be done tastefully or full forced. You can braid your hair backwards, forwards, on the side of your head, in shapes and other neat ways. You can even do two single braids, one on each side of your face. You can braid your hair and then put it in a pony tail, or you can braid your hair down. A lot of African Americans braid their hair back or in styles, which can look elegant or even sporty. These braids also look nice on white women when done correctly.

Pony Tails:

The infamous pony tail is still in use today. You can dress your pony tail up or down. You can have one, two, or even three depending on the look you are trying to achieve. One elegant and beautiful look is to have the long, voluptuous hair down with a single pony tail laying on top of it with two strands down your face. This look is simple to maintain, assemble and keep.

Hair Down:

Having your hair styled down can be both elegant and tastefully done for parties, extravaganzas, and even rendezvous. When you have your hair flowing over your soft shoulders, you can do layers which look beautiful. You can have short layers, V layers, or layers that fall upon one another gracefully. Some people even throw a few braids into the mixture here and there.

Some individuals prefer wavy or curly hair. Both look beautiful with long, strong, full hair. The curls bounce and lay on your shoulders, cupping your face, while the waves make eyes lock on you as they pull out your facial features.

The best thing about long hair is you can always find a hair style for it, using braids, twists, pony tails, buns, hair down, hair up, or hair to the side. You have more combination’s and ideas than with short hair. You can add tracks, add colors, or do half and half.

All of these options are available if you have long hair. Although long hair may be hard to deal with at times, these hairdos can help make the process of dealing with long hair considerably easier. They can also be fun to figure out and try in one’s hair. So take a moment to try out some of these hairdos. I’m sure you’ll find a few that you like.


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