Hair Styles

barrel-curls There is a lot that can be done with hair than just wear it down. The following steps will help you begin with a few styles at home. Once you master them you will find that it is not so difficult to get the style and trend you have always wanted.

Two of the basic styles are detailed below;

Airwaves are styling the hair using mild heat and hair moisture to get a temporary curl. You would need styling lotion and hair styler with long and brush attachment. After treating you hair with shampoo and conditioner, spray the styling spray all over the hair. Dry your hair with the brush attachment of the styler lifting each section till the roots are completely dry.

Use the long attachment to give shape to the hair by wrapping it around the tongs. Repeat for the whole length of hair and head. After the hair has dried completely, run your fingers through to loosen the hair. You may consider using low speed to get a controlled styling and finishing.

Barrel curls
Barrel curls can be done just by curling hair around fingers and pinning the curls in place. This creates a soft semi-set curl. After washing, apply setting lotion and comb from the roots to tips. Then take small sections of hair about an inch in width and smooth it upwards. Loop the hair into a large curl and clip it in place. Continue curling the rest of the hair. Once the hair is completely dry, by either using a hair dryer or drying it out naturally, remove clips. Get a tousled look by raking your fingers through the hair. Use a hair brush for a smoother finish.

The other styles that can be created with a little imagination and lots of efforts are:

Crown Braid (where only the hair at the crown is left loose to frame the face while the rest of the hair is braided neatly like a French plait), Permanent Wave, Punk Style, Parting Hair, Mini Braids (which best suits teenagers), Rope Braid, and the French Braid

Instant Set styling can give bounce to the hair by using heated rollers.


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