Hair Style: Top Knot

top-knot-hairstyle Braids come in all shapes, sizes and lengths. They are fat, skinny, short and long, and there are more ways than you can count to style them. One great way to style your braids is to put in some bright cords and then tie it in a top knot.

When braiding your hair, tie off each braid with a brightly colored cord and make sure that it is secure by tying it in a knot. You will then tie your hair in a knot. To do this, hold your braids, front section only, and tie in a knot.

To get a double knot, simply tie the braids once again. To make sure that the knot stays tight and secure, use a hair pin that will add some color and flair to your hair. This is a very easy hair style to accomplish and should not take long to do.

The longest portion of this hair style is the actual braiding of the hair. The length of your hair will determine the amount of time it takes for you to complete this hair style. The actual portion of tying up your hair should only take a few minutes.

The only supplies that you will need to complete this hair style are a length of cord, approx. 5 yards long and braided hair. You will also need a hair pin of your choice. It is great for finely braided hair or even extensions if you have them.

As you can see, this hair style takes very little effort or time. You can be ready for a great day out in the sun or even out with your friends in no time at all. It takes no time to learn at all. If you know how to braid than you will be able to learn this and do it in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy your new style and show it to your friends. They will be glad that you have shown them a new way to wear their hair and add something new to the daily boring routine.


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