Various Types Of Hair Cuts For Women

hairstyles-12 1. Short Hair Cuts- It is a daring thing to keep your hair short. But on the other hand this style of hair would give you a chic, smart and sexy look. But before going for this you should judge yourself whether short hair will suit your face or not.

2. Medium Hair Cuts- is usually tried out for those women who want to change their look and try out something new. This is the time when medium hair cuts come in.

3. Long hair cuts- For having a long hair cut you must first check your hair if it has some natural texture or not. You should see if your hair is straight, wavy or curly and then according to it you must style your hair.

4. Curly Hair Cuts- this type of hair is certainly unmanageable, frizzy and difficult to maintain. But with a careful planning and right kind of cut you can take care of your hair easily.

5. Layered Hair Cuts- in this type of cut it has number of layers where the shortest being the uppermost and the length increases at the ends. This style of hair gives way to innovation and creativity. You must choose the right style that suits you and whether you can maintain it or not.

6. Shag Hair Cuts- it does not matter whether you have a short, medium or a long hair as you can always choose to keep your hair shaggy. Different length of hair has different way to keep it shaggy.

7. Bob Hair Cuts- this type of hair style never go out of trend. No matter what the current fashion is, many prefer to have this type of hair style. According to your choice you may have a different bob styles like the sleek one length cut, flippy bob or a curly bob.

8. Razor Hair Cuts- this kind of hair cut is done to add more shape and texture to your hair. But if you are not careful using the razor then it can often make the hair ends look frizzy. This type of hairstyle is not at all recommended for curly hair textures.


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