Greatest And Funniest Wish Any Couple Would Desire

funny 1. Sail in a yatch for days on end. He could catch the fish while you cook for him.

2. Experience life in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and then get married in a different chapel every night of the week.

3. Discover nature and a different side of your lover when you explore the country on a bike ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

4. Celebrate your second or third honeymoon in unusual places like a jungle, an ice dessert or on the banks of a river or perhaps in all of them.

5. You can discover the unimagined thrill of living like a primitive couple in the Amazon. You’ll find yourself liberated with no cell phone, credit card or any of your modern day luxuries.

6. You could hang out at Central park and even spend a couple of nights at the planetarium.

7. You can also be the king and queen of Disney world with Mickey, Donald, Pluto, the Lion King and the entire Disney family as your royal subjects.

8. The two of you could live the lives of an emperor and empress in a castle or palace.

9. You can also experience life as hippies from the seventies. You could preach independence, live Technicolor and spread the word of peace.

10. Both of you can also stay at a farmhouse set in a village, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Together, you could spend time plucking grapes from vineyards and also make wine.

11. Live the lives of Barbie and Ken in a life-sized dollhouse and fulfill the fantasy that stayed with you the longest.

12. You can also be stranded on a desolate island. It would like a conventional fantasy with a twist.

13. You can get married in the funnist and craziest of place like a zoo. You can invite all your friends and ask then to get along their pets as well.

14. Maybe living out his fantasy is your fantasy. So it could be catching every F1 race in the world or every football game in a league.

15. Party all night long with your sweetheart at what will be called the world’s longest party.

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