Gasagase Payasa, Dry Coconut Burfi and Groundnut Burfi Recipe

coconut-burfi Gasagase Payasam  Recipe

Items Required

Rice, gasgase-25 gms, grated coconut,-1, dry grapes, cashew nut, cardammom and jaggery 2.

Instructions to Make Gasgase Payasam

Soak rice and gasgase for half an hour. Add grated coconut, cardammom to this. Grind it in a mixer. Take water in another vessel and put jaggery in that. Wait till the jaggery melts completely. Add the grinded things to this jiggery water with constant stirring. Wait till the liquid becomes thick.

Fry dry grapes and cashew nut in ghee and mix it to the above.

Your gasgase payasam is ready.

Coconut Burfi or Kobbari Burfi- Kobbari Methai

Items Required

Fresh coconut-4, ghee, 1 cup sugar, cashew nut, dry grapes and badam if required.

Grate 4 fresh coconuts. Fry these grated coconuts in the pan with a spoon of ghee. Add sugar to it. For every 4 measures of grated coconut add 1 measure of sugar. Keep frying it till it turns slightly brown. When you touch it in the hand, it should not stick to your hand. This may take more than 20 minutes. Keep stirring.

When it is done take a plate. Spread a little amount of ghee on that evenly. Spread the kobbari mitai evenly on the plate and allow it to cool slightly. After 5 minutes cut it into pieces. Stick one badam on each piece. Allow it to cool again completely. Your coconut burfi is ready.

Groundnut Burfi or Kadlekai Burfi

Items Required

Ghee, groundnut, jaggery-2 and water

Instructions to Prepare

Take 250 gms of groundnut and fry it till it becomes slightly brown. Then roll a roller on that to remove the wrapper of these groundnuts. Also remove the last part called kannu from the groundnuts.

Take water and boil it. Dip 2 jaggeries and allow it to boil till it becomes thick. It should become so thick that if this is put in water, it should rise up like a ball.

Add these fried groundnuts to this with constant stirring. When it is not completely sticking to your hand, remove it and put it in a plate on which ghee is spread. After 5 minutes cut it into diamond shapes. Your groundnut burfi is ready.

If you make them in the form of balls then this is called groundnut balls or kadlekai unde.


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