Fresher party games and contests

fresher06 Fashion show

Don’t you think you as a senior need to know, who is the best looking girl or boy among the fresher’s. Make them walk on a ramp.

The person who does the cat walk well and has the best figure or physic happens to win the crown as Ms. Fresher or Mr. Fresher.You can have theme parties also.

The theme could be traditional wear. The person who is most traditionally dressed who has good looks and does the catwalk well can be considered the winner.
You can also include some GK questions to know their intelligence level.

Paper dance

Have a big sheet of news paper put on the floor. Divide them into groups of two. Each group will have one senior boy and a junior girl or one senior girl and a junior boy. The boy and girl have to dance on the sheet of paper.

When the music starts for the second time, fold this paper into half and repeat. Keep repeating till you have only one pair dancing on the floor. The last pair who is still on stage is the winner.
This will be a very entertaining game for both seniors and juniors.

How do you deal with it?

Have two teams. One group filled with seniors and one group filled with juniors. Give them situations and ask what they would do when they face these situations. The most intelligent answer wins the game.

Example for this could be, there was a single car, driven by a doctor. There was an old lady, a beautiful woman and a cow who all wanted a lift. So what do you think you would do in this situation?


General knowledge is very important for anybody. Have a quiz contest with a lot of General knowledge questions. The team which gives the maximum answers correct wins.

Singing competition

Tell all the fresher’s to sing songs. Hear you get to hear to all the dirty voices. You can comment about this and laugh at a later stage.


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