Foods to be Avoided by a Lactating Mother

lactating-mother In the initial stage of life babies depends on their mother milk for meeting their dietary needs. The food that the mother consumes will get in to the babies body through the milk. In order to meet the nutrient requirement of the baby the nursing mothers should take a well balanced diet. While determining the diet of the nursing mother certain food items that may trouble the baby should be avoided. Here are some food items that have to be avoided while feeding the baby.

List of Food to be Avoided While Feeding a Baby

1. Avoid cold and frozen foods from your diet. This is because the frozen and cold foods may at times cause infections and it will affect your health. The baby who will be in close contact with you may also get the infection either through contact or through breast milk. So it is better to avoid cold foods.
2. Try to avoid spicy foods as it may upset your stomach and makes you weak. When ever you get stomach upset the breast milk will become devoid of nutrients. This will affect the health of the baby also. Spices like chili, pepper, garlic, cinnamon etc should be avoided as they may cause gastric problems in the baby.

3. The foods that are rich in vitamin C are prone to cause nappy rashes in the baby. So it is better to avoid citrus fruits as citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C.

4. Alcohol and tobacco products should be avoided as they are harmful to the babies.

5. The flavor of breast milk may change if you take strongly flavored foods. Sometimes the strong taste of garlic may change the flavor of your milk and the baby may resist taking the milk.

6. It is advocated that while taking vegetables avoid cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, onion, broccoli, cucumber etc as they cause gas problems in babies. Similarly the peanuts, wheat, dairy products, egg, nuts and corn might cause allergies to the baby.

7. Caffeine if taken in large quantities may affect your baby’s sleep and may also cause flatulence. Beside coffee caffeine is also found in certain medications and sodas. Occasional intake of caffeine is harmless.


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