Foods For Love

food Many of us know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All around the world there are number of foods that fuel the sexual appetite. They are tempting, seductive and irresistible.

So what are they?

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Chocolates: it is a “psychoactive” food. They are supposed to be an aphrodisiac for the gods. Chocolates enhance the sexual desire by many folds. It gives unbelievable pleasure.

Did you know? For centuries, chocolates were banned in monasteries! No wonder why.

Oysters: They are high in protein content. Better to have it cooked with garlic and white wine to indulge all the sensory organs.

Banana: Studies prove that bananas are a high source of stimulant since it contains the enzyme called bromelaine. It is also high in potassium and Vitamin B.

Alcohol: There is hardly any need to describe the function of alcohol! It lowers the inhibitions and makes you bold and confident. Many first timers in physical relationship try this to get over the initial hiccups.

Nuts: Especially pine nuts. They are high in zinc content. Nuts have been used as an aphrodisiac since the Roman Ages.

Honey: Definitely works! Honey for your “honey”. It is believed that honey cures impotency. In the medieval days, medicines and drinks were made of honey,

Asparagus: For its aphrodisiacal powers, three courses of asparagus were fed to a 19th century bridegroom. Reason? You well know.

Almond: The aroma of almond induces passion. It has stuck to its position as a symbol for fertility for ages.

Caviar: Its high content of zinc helps with impotency. Taking caviar makes you feel rich and carefree. The zinc concentration stimulates the male hormone- testosterone.

Aniseed: Has mysterious powers to increase desire.

These and many more like figs, champagne and others. So you know now what to do next time you are in the mood.

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