Flower Pressing Tips

flower-pressing Flower pressing is a wonderful hobby that may even help you to earn money, once you attain expertise in the art. You can use pressed flowers for decorating greeting cards, picture albums, bags, lampshades and even candles could be adorned by spraying them with pressed flowers.

Flower pressing tools

The tools needed for the art are flat wooden boards, some heavy weight, such as, brick or heavy books.

Materials for pressing

Although, flower is the main ingredient of the art, but you can also includes, leaves, grasses, stamens, ferns, weeds, seeds and roots. To add more variety in your work, collect flowers, buds and leaves in different stages of blossom.

For best results, you should collect the plants in the morning, after the dew has dried up.

Flower pressing process

To prevent the flower and other plants from wilting, you should press them soon after plucking the leaves and flowers. Place the flower, leaves or whatever plant part you have chosen, between two smooth sheets of absorbent papers. Now place a heavy book or brick over the sheet. If you have chosen a fleshy flower with big stamens, such as daisy or lily, you should place the flower between two thin sheets of polyester and then cover the polyester sheets with absorbent papers. Keep the flowers in the press for at least two weeks. Different flowers take different times to dry, but a properly pressed flower can be attained within three to four weeks.

If the time for naturally drying the flower seems too long, then you can also use your microwave oven to produce instantly pressed flowers. Simply put the book with flowers covered with absorbents in a microwave oven. Keep it there for 30 seconds or for a minute on medium setting. Switch off the oven and allow the materials to cool down. Turn on the heat again after some time and repeat the process. When the flower has almost dried, take out the flower and put it under another book for a few hours.


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