Features of a Microwave Oven

130411 Microwave Oven

In this modern era microwave oven has greater acceptance and use when compared to other home appliances. It is a wonderful appliance that can be used for preheating, defrosting boiling and cooking. All companies are improving its features day by day. Convinces distinguishes the new generation from old. Many have short cut settings; automatic power level and cooking time selections, quick defrost settings and keep food warm after it cooks. Some microwave oven offer up to 100 pre programmed menus. You need not select time or power. The following features are essential for easy cooking and safety.

1. Turntable

In microwave oven equal amount of heat would not be dissipated all over the food .Some part may get more and other part may get little. Turntable is a revolving glass plate to ensure even cooking. Most ovens have round removable plate that can be cleaned. Some have rectangular plate that slide back and forth.

2. Interlock

If we open the door when oven is running there is a chance for burning. To avoid that oven should automatically stop when door is opened. If there is interlock, oven would not run if door is opened. Most ovens have two interlocks, some have three.

3. Variable Power Control

We need not use full power for all purposes. We can simmer food at 50% power and defrost at 30%. The power level function enables you to adapt the amount of energy dissipated and thus the time required to cook or reheat your food, according to its type and quantity.

4. Child Lock

It is very important in microwave conviction unit. Dishes would be extra hot. If children open the door and touch the dish there is a chance for burning. Child lock can be locked and released using a key pad.

5. Automatic Sensors

In modern ovens we need not set timer for cooking. Cooking would stop automatically by measuring steam in the oven. There may be even 100 preprogrammed menus.

Multinational companies are adding new features to their oven every day. It is better to go through their web site before purchasing a microwave oven.


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