Exploring UlaanBaatar Where Old World Meets the New

mongolia-art Once upon a time Mongolia was a country ruled by nomadic tribes. Despite the advent of new technology, modern Mongolia has even to this day managed to retain some of its old world charm. If you love traveling but you don’t have enough time to explore the entire Mongol land, a few days spent in the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar will help you grasp at least some aspects of this ancient country.

Ulaanbaatar is a city of contrast. Here modern and traditional lifestyles coexist in a peaceful ambience. Along with the modern skyscrapers, you would find the traditional Mongolian homes or Gers. Modern cars and buses ply on the streets of Ulaanbaatar along with horse-drawn carts.

In Ulaanbaatar, you should not miss its main attractions.

Museum of National History

The Museum of National History exhibits artifacts narrating tales of Mongolia since the Stone Age. This museum has a rich collection of military arms and equipments, arts and artifacts belonging to Genghis Khan and his warriors. The sculptures depict the lifestyle of the nomadic tribes of Steppes. Here you would also find a splendid collection of traditional Mongolian dresses and ornaments.

Museum of Natural History

The Steppes and the Gobi desert are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The geography, geology, flora and fauna and the paleontology departments of this museum displays the natural history of Mongolia. Here you will see embalmed animals, birds, fish found in this country. The most attractive arena of the Natural History museum is its Paleontology department showcasing hundreds of fossils of dinosaur bones and eggs.

Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum

This museum dedicated to Mongolian art has collection of Mongolian artists, sculptors and painters from all generations. Named after Zanabazar, the famous Mongolian sculptor of the 17th century, this museum houses ancient rock inscriptions, graphic arts, Buddhist artifacts, Mongolian embroideries and the traditional Tsam dancing costume.

Buddhist Monasteries

The adherence of the Mongolians to Buddhist faith finds manifestation it its majestic monasteries. Gandan Monastery, built in the 19th century is the most popular monastery of Ulaanbaatar. The Migjid Janraisig Temple built inside the premises of Gandan Monastery has a dazzling bejeweled statue of Migjid Janraisig.

The Choijin Lama Monastery is renowned for its traditional architecture and rich collection of Buddhist art, silk icons and the traditional dancing costumes.

The winter palace of the last ruler of Mongolia, the Bogd Khan palace, is a popular destination for travelers. Within the palace compound there are number of beautiful temples and houses.


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