Epsom Salt – A Beauty Enhancing Element

epson-salt Epsom salt is really magnesium sulphate. Epsom salt gets absorbed through the skin surface and will benefit the health and beauty. It is one of the popular ingredients used in most of the beauty enhancing home preparations and also in market available products. Epsom salt is now used for a number of treatments and here are some of them.

1.    Pedicure

Epsom salt always benefits you for a pedicure. Soak your feet in a plastic basin or bath tub containing Epsom salt and warm water for 15 minutes. This may help you to soften your skin and also provides you a freshened feeling.

2.    Exfoliate

You can mix a table spoon of olive oil or any bathing oil with a handful of Epsom salt. Otherwise take one cup of petroleum jelly and two cups of Epsom salt and mix them with a drop of lavender essential oil. Rubbing any of these mixtures on your face will help to remove the dead and old skin and will leave you fresh and healthy.

3.    Facial

You can have a healthy home facial with Epsom salt and deep cleansing cream. Massage your skin with this mixture and this may help you to nourish your skin deep from inside.

4.    Spa Treatment

It will be beneficial to have a massage with fistfuls of Epsom salt on your wet skin after having a shower.

5.    Bath Crystals

For making beautiful and relaxing bath crystals blend a few drops of fragrance oil and food color to the Epsom salt. A teaspoon of glycerin will also work for this process. Make sure that you are storing your bath crystals in an air tight bottle.

6.    Tranquil Soak

To keep yourself refreshed try to have a tranquil soak. For this you can use your bath tub. Fill your tub with warm water of your preference and add two cups of Epsom salt. You can also add one or two drops of eucalyptus oil in to your tub. Now soak yourself for 12-15 minutes. Repeat this soak at least three times a week which will benefit you with a beautiful skin.


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