Eco-friendly Cell Phones

nokia_3110_evolve1 The ubiquitous cell phone is often considered one of the several gadgets that are capable of polluting the environment. The challenge that mobile phone manufacturers currently face is to develop phones that while incorporating the advanced communication technology is also an eco-friendly device.

Many popular cell phone brands have launched environment friendly phones. If you are considering buying a green phone then you can opt for one of the following phones.

Nokia 3110 Evolve

The eco-friendly feature of this Nokia phone is its ‘bio-cover’, over half of which is made of biodegradable and renewable materials. It is the eco-friendly edition of the Nokia 3110 Classic and includes a 1.3-mega pixel camera, tri-band GSM and FM radio.

HTW S116 Solar Mobile Phone

This clamshell cell phone designed by the Chinese company Hi-Tech Wealth is powered by solar energy. The solar cells fitted in the cell phone are capable of recharging Li-Ion battery. The company claims that the lifespan of the phone’s battery is 2.5 times more than that of standard mobile phone batteries. For every one hour of exposure to sunlight, the phone is capable of providing 40 minutes of talk time. Besides sunlight, this solar mobile phone could be charged from any light source, including light emitting from a desk lamp or candle. This phone also features 1.3-mega pixel camera, MP3 and could support T-Flash cards.

Samsung W510 and F268

Samsung W510 is made of eco-friendly natural material or bio-plastic derived from corns. The production process is equally environment friendly. Samsung has not used mercury, lead and cadmium in the manufacturing process. Water-soluble coating has been used. The handset, charger and headset of Samsung F268 do not contain any trace of PVC and BFRs. The alarm fitted in the handset alerts the user to take off the plug of the charger, when the phone is fully charged.

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart

If Nokia and Samsung can make green phones, then why Sony Ericsson should be left out of the green race? Although the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart is a concept phone, but nonetheless in the near future you will find this wonderful phone in your local store. GreenHeart will feature bioplastic covering, recycled plastic keypads, HTML based e-manual to reduce paper wastage and zero-charger with 3.5mW standby power.


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