Drink Juice – Keep diseases at bay

drink-juices Most of the diseases are result of wrong diet and lifestyle. If we do some minor changes in our food habits, we can keep most of the diseases at bay. Though, fruits hold an important place in our meal but regular intake of fruits is very helpful even in case of serious diseases. Fruits juice is also equally important.

Always, take fresh fruits and vegetables. Wash the fruit and vegetable properly, prepare juice and drink it. Try not to keep it for more than fifteen minutes as it damages the vitamins and minerals.

Carrot Juice:

Carrot is a good source of vitamin A which helps in improving eyesight, skin tightening and hair quality. Vitamin A promotes growth of bones and teeth which is very important for the growing kids. It also maintains healthy body tissues. It aids in the resistance to infections. Vitamin A is especially necessary in the diet of pregnant female to build up and maintain the health of both mother and the developing baby. That’s why carrot is also known as ‘Miracle food’. One can have it every day in the morning. Add two teaspoon of gooseberry’s juice, if is available.

Spinach Juice:

It is a good source of Iron. If equal proportions of spinach, carrot and beetroot mixed and drink every day, it will improve the blood count. One can drink spinach juice everyday in the morning; it is good for nervous depression, fatigue, anemia and weakness. To prepare the juice, clean and wash spinach and put it in a blender with some water.

Apple Juice:

Apple is packed of antioxidant and has the second highest level of it. Research has also shown that it helps in lowering cholesterol, asthma, and inhibits cancel cell proliferation. One can drink one glass per day.

Lemon water:

One glass of lemon water in the morning reduces weight. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice to one glass of water.

Bottle gourd juice:

Bottle gourd’s juice is very beneficial for heart patients. Add 6 leaves of mint to enhance the flavor and benefits. One can also add ground black pepper and salt.

Orange and Grape juice:

Orange and Grape juice if mixed together and taken, can bring miracles to your skin and immunity.


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