Double Stranded Braids Hair Style

double-braids-hair Double stranded braids have a wild fish bone pattern to them. They have their own unique look which makes them different and unusual. It is very simple and easy to get this style braid with a little bit of practice.

Start out by parting your hair straight down the middle and then combing it straight with a wide tooth comb. You then want to take one side and part it downs the middle as well into 2 sections. This is where the tricky part comes in.

Take a fine strand of hair from the back section that you split in 2 and cross over to the front strand. You then want to take a strand from the front sections and then cross it over to the back strand. You will keep going with this pattern until you reach the ends of your part.

Once the braid is complete, tie off the ends with a band and then tie off with a piece of leather. Take a look in the mirror and you will see the fish bone pattern that you have created in your hair. Once the first side is completed, you will then want to follow the same exact pattern with the other side to complete the effect.

You will definitely need some practice in order to get this pattern correct. It is best for long, straight hair and is easy and simple to do once you get the pattern down. Don’t get discouraged the first few times you try this style.

As with anything new, some time, practice and patience are all that are required to get it down just right. Once you do get the style right, your friends will probably start asking you to do their hair with that same style.

This is something different that you can do with your hair for the summer time. It is always a great idea to learn something new that you can have variety to your hairstyles. Ask for help if you start to get too frustrated with learning the technique. You will love the style once you get it right.


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