Do Rebound Relationships Work

reboundrelation True love always has the hope of being saved. You have just parted ways with the love of your life (no matter whose mistake was that), you are feeling miserable, want him/her to return to you but suddenly you get to know that your loved partner has already jumped into another relationship! Bingo! Such relationships are called ‘rebound relations’. You are devastated and feel depressed too. But do not worry, rebound relationships do not work most of the time and in a positive way they help the partner to realize what he/she is missing not being with you.

What To Do If Your Partner Is In A Rebound Relation:

Both men and women make the mistake of running after the lover when they come to know of the relationship. They try to convince them of their love for them. They call them incessantly, drop by at common joints frequented before as a couple, and make deliberate visits to his /her family and loads of such things. Purpose? Just to let them know you are still available and waiting for him/her to return.

This is the worst thing. Never do any of the things stated above. You will just complicate the situation more. The reason the guy or girl is in a rebound relation is to forget the pain and emotional turmoil from the previous relation. The new relation is just a ‘shoulder to cry on’. And by showing yourself at all the places, all the time, you are just increasing the pain, for both of you.

The best thing to do is to give complete space to both of you. That is the best favor you will do for yourself. No calls, no messages, no persuasion, no crying, no scene creating, no jumping to places at the improper time. This will be difficult but this is the only best approach.

If the person loved you enough, he/she will soon realize the true love and return to you. Till then, maintain your calm and patience.

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