Different Types of Artificial Nails

001artificial-nails Sometimes women have brittle nails or nails that do not grow easily. Artificial nails are a solution to cover their various types of nail problems. There are different types of fake nails.

Gel nails
There are two categories of gel nails – light cured gel nails and no light gel nails. No light gel nails are stuck on the natural nails with the help of glue. Light cured gel nails are attached with the help of ultra violet rays. It is easy to apply gel nail. First, apply a primer on your natural nail, to remove its natural shine. After the primer coating dries completely, apply a gel coat on the nail with a brush.

The gel application process is similar to your usual nail polish application procedure. Allow the gel to dry. It is preferable to dry the gel under the ultra violet lamp, which is provided with the gel nail application kit. After the first gel layer dries, apply the second gel coating. Three coatings are required to complete the process. After the gel hardens, file and shape your artificial nail, to give it the desired shape.

Acrylic nails
Acrylic nails are the strongest artificial nails, which last for a long time. A manicurist is the best person to give you the perfect acrylic nail. A badly made acrylic nail would make it look thick and ugly. To put on an acrylic nail, you must first clean your natural nail. Clip your natural nails, keeping them as close as possible. After drying your nails, apply nail glue under the acrylic nail. Now fix the artificial nail beneath the cuticles. When the fake nail is safely attached, clip the nail to desired shape. Now apply a mixture of liquid and powder acrylic over the nail.

Nail wraps
Nail wraps are made of linen, silk or fiberglass. They are glued to the natural nail. Fiberglass nails are best fake nails. They have a natural look and last for a long time.


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