Curing digestion problems naturally

10 Indigestion is one of the biggest problems with today’s people. With the increase in age, the problem also increases.
It is very essential that you improve your food habits in order to avoid digestion problems. Poor digestion process can reduce your sleep, result in bad skin and stomach and upset your daily routine.

Always take small bites of your food while eating. Chew every bite very well before gulping. This helps in digesting your better. The enzyme in your saliva called amylase, breaks the food components into small bits and assists in getting it digested easily. It is always good to drink one to two glasses of water at least after 1 hour of your meal is over. This facilitates metabolism rate and thus, improves digestion.

Enriching your diet with foods that include fibers will improve your digestive health. Foods like fruits, raw vegetables, green vegetables, beans, lettuce, dry fruits, whole grains, nuts, breads, cereals, etc are rich in fiber. Increasing your intake of such foods will improve your metabolism rate.

You should also increase your intake of fluids. Thus, drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily as water helps in digestion and in curing various other related diseases. Drinking at least two glasses of water every morning in empty stomach will improve your digestive system. You should also increase consumption of natural fruit juices and reduce intake of too much of beverages.

Excess protein intake can also result in indigestion. However, fish is an important source of fatty acid that facilitates digestion. Lean meat is also not very harmful as the fat content is very less in it. Thus, it is good to eat fish and lean meat at least two to three times a week.

Another important method of keeping your digestive system healthy is to exercise and meditate regularly. Especially, in today’s world most of us do very less physical work. We spend most of the time doing brainwork, sitting in the same place. Thus, exercise is highly essential to improve metabolism rate.

Try to stick to home made food as synthetic food and restaurant foods are not very hygienic. Avoid rich, fried and fattening food, as they are not good for the digestive system.

Intake of alcohol and smoking can hamper your digestive process, so better stay away from it as much as you can.

Healthy digestive system will help you live and enjoy your daily life with well.


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