Common Reasons for Headaches

headache Most of us have had headaches sometime or other in our lives. It is estimated that 99% of the global population have experienced headaches in their lives. To prevent the pain we must try to identify the reasons that trigger our headaches. Headaches are often the symptom of some other physical problem. Such headaches, known as secondary headaches, could be cured as soon as we cure the disease that causes it.

A sudden head injury, viral infection, allergy, sinusitis, ear and eye problems, etc, might cause secondary headaches. In primary headaches, there is no apparent reason behind the headache and the primary problem of the patient is the headache itself. Migraine pain is an example of primary headache.

The common reasons of headache are:


Tension and stress produces headaches. This is caused by contraction of the muscle layer surrounding our skull that reduces the blood flow to our brain causing pain.


Sinusitis develops when an infection causes inflammation of the sinuses. Besides headache, the patient might also suffer from nasal congestion, fever and fatigue.

Ligament strain

Often headaches result from straining of ligaments of the neck or the jaw. Influenza might adversely affect the sensory nerves and arteries of the brain, causing headache.


Headaches might be the cause of allergies produced by pollutants. Smoke from cigarettes, intoxicants, drugs and chemicals entering our lungs weaken the sensory nerves of the brain, resulting headaches.

Ear problem

Pus formed in the ear might cause intolerable headaches.

Eye problem

A number of common eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, causes pain in the forehead. If you have not corrected your weak eyesight with the aid of glasses or lens, you can get headaches.

Tooth pain

It is also possible to get headaches from toothaches.

Lack of sleep

If you lack sleep in the night you might get headache.


There are a large number of reasons behind migraine triggers. Migraine might be triggered by a large number of genetic, allergic and neurological causes.

Cluster headache

This is an example of primary headache. This is rarer than migraine and primarily attacks men. The reasons behind cluster headache are not quite clear. It might be related to problems of the sinus, nervous system and serotonin.


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