Chicken Pox Facts and Myths

chicken-pox Chicken pox is caused by Varicella Zoster virus. It can occur at any age, most common in children from two and eight years of age. It can spread through touch, virus can also spread through cough and sneezing. If one person at home suffers from chicken pox it is believed that all the members who are in direct or indirect contact will be affected.

Patient usually complains of fever, sore throat, abdominal pain and headache a day or 2 before rash appears. Blisters are formed all over the skin which takes 5 to 7 days to heal. Some people develops a severe infection involving lungs ,brain, bones and joints. If pregnant women somehow is infected ,results in fetus abnormalities. It’s very rare that pregnant women get infection , but precautions are always better than cure. There are some myths and facts related to chicken pox.

Myths :-

1) Restrictions of food that are dark as it will leave dark scars.

2)Restriction of chicken ,prawns, and crabs as it is poisonous and gets very itchy.

3) Cannot bathe and wash hair , otherwise will cause rheumatism in old age.

4) Traditionally, it is believed that it is good to get chicken pox naturally instead of preventing it.

Facts : –

1) Not to scratch or break lesions as this will cause scarring and pigmentation.

2) No medical basic that eating chicken, seafood and eggs interferes with the healing process.

3) It is all right to bathe and wash hair. However, do not rub down but rather dab dry so as not to break the lesions and invite infection.

4) Chicken pox is a viral infection and can be prevented with a simple course of vaccination.

Once you had chicken pox in life, it’s rare that you are infected again because body develops immunity against chicken pox, which prevents getting infected again.


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