Cheeseburgers and cholesterol

cbb Cholesterol spells clogged arteries, early death and fried foods. Cholesterol often has been associated with some fatty foods, more than others have, particularly cheeseburgers. This article deals with facts about cholesterol and some other healthy facts.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not something that is unnatural or planted by someone else. It is perfectly natural and it is actually a part of our body cells. It is also a precursor for the production of other proteins. The fact is that cholesterol in itself is no problem to the body. However, the way in which it is transported across our body causes the problem.

The low-density lipoproteins or LDLs are responsible for transporting cholesterol from your liver, the place of its production and processing, to where the cholesterol is required, including cell walls. The HDL or high-density lipoproteins will transport this cholesterol back to your liver. Here the cholesterol undergoes processing for excretion.

Some misconceptions

Before the idea of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, all cholesterol was considered to be bad. Most of the people were not even sure what it exactly was. Something, however, was considered to be known and that is that whatever it was, it was bad and that it was very much present in our cheeseburgers.

Then there came the idea that there is something good even in cholesterol. The media has been functional in making these misconceptions even stronger and spreading even more misconceptions. The large confusion about what is good and what is bad cholesterol, and what can be consumed was partly the fault of media.

Some common sense

The truth behind the whole thing is that there is no quick fix. Although a pill seems to be a better idea to jogging, the latter is always much more healthy and long lasting than the former one, even if it is effective.

You need a healthy lifestyle to match you healthy eating habits like eating a balanced diet, no smoking or drinking in excess. You can eat healthy and exercise regularly to stay healthy and keep that extra weight off for good.

This is a simple advice and this is all we need.


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