Candida Diet Tips

candida-diet-copy Candida or yeast is present in the vagina and digestive tract. Overgrowth of Candida causes yeast infection. In normal circumstances, overgrowth of yeast is prevented by the probiotic or helpful bacteria present in the body. Sometimes, adverse reaction of antibiotic medication, steroids, antacids, oral contraceptives can kill probiotic bacteria. As a result, the growth of yeast could not be arrested. Weakened immune system, diabetes, smoking or food allergies are also responsible for yeast infection.

It has been found that yeast infection can be treated through diet changes. This has given rise to the Candida diet concept.

Sugar and Carbohydrate

High sugar content in your food can worsen Candida infection. To arrest growth of yeast, the sugar and carbohydrate content in your diet should be reduced. In the initial weeks of Candida dieting, the amount of carbohydrate should be limited to 60 grams every day. People suffering from yeast infection should have low carbohydrate foods, such as, lean meat and non-starchy vegetables. Frozen, fresh, canned and dried fruits should be avoided. No forms of sugary foods, including white sugar, honey and syrups should be consumed until the infection is cured.


It is often recommended to avoid foods containing yeast. Fermented foods, cheese, bread, beer and mushroom should be avoided by people suffering from yeast infection.

Gluten and vinegar

It is also advisable to avoid foods containing gluten, such as wheat, rye and barley products. All forms of vinegars should be avoided.

Dairy products

Yeast infection is believed to weaken the body’s ability to digest fat. Dairy products should therefore be limited in your daily diet. However, yogurt, being a rich source of probiotic bacteria, can be beneficial for your health. Cheeses with low lactose content, such as mozzarella, cottage cheese, sharp white cheddar and provolone can be eaten.

When the symptoms of yeast infection subside, the dietary restrictions are gradually relaxed. It takes at least a month for Candida diet to be effective.


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