Best tips for your beauty

large_makeup11 For today’s beauty conscious generation, beauty tips, especially for ladies, carry a special importance in their lives. Every woman desires to achieve the highest level of beauty and therefore is very eager to know as much as she can about beauty tips. Here are some tips that will help a lot.

•    A cold water spray on your face, or standing where your face gets cold air from the freezer for a few moments, is likely to reduce redness on your face.

•    Adding of a touch of blusher works well to enhance a summer shimmer for natural-looking cheeks. Take a look in a mirror just following your workout to find the perfect rosiness. The tinge of pink spreading across your cheeks will be the most suitable color for you.

•    When choosing makeup, more particularly the foundation and blush, focus on those which are non-comedogenic, or non-pore clogging. Water-based products are the best.

•    Eyeliner needs to be applied near to the base of eyelashes to make them appear thicker. A soft pencil works best.

•    Applying just a thin coat of mascara on the top lashes will eliminate smudging or mascara flake-off. Then, to prevent clumpy mascara build up, running an eyelash brush through lashes is necessary.

•    For removing stubborn eye makeup, use petroleum jelly or cold cream. It is cheap and works even with waterproof mascara.

•    For healthy, beautiful lips, a glossy glow to reflect summer rays is recommended.  Natural tones are the best to choose from, but if you want to add some colour, use lipstick on top of the gloss, turning your lips into sparkling diamonds.

•    When choosing makeup, as well as moisturizers and sunscreens, take care that they are hypo-allergenic as well as fragrance free.

•    Before going to sleep you should remove all your cosmetics with the application of water and mild cleanser.

Start following these tips now, to enhance your own personal beauty.


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