Best architectural sites of Mexico

Mexico is one of the top ten tourist destinations of the world. With its lovely beaches and rain forest, Mexico is a nature lover’s paradise. The ancient ruins of the Mayan and Aztec civilization are perhaps the key attraction of the country. Here are the major archeological sites of Mexico that no traveler to the country should miss.

A few miles away from Mexico City lies the ancient settlement of Teotihuacán. This is the spot where the third largest pyramid in the world – Piramida de la Sol or the Pyramid of the Sun lies. In the local language, Teotihuacán means “the place where man becomes god”. Once you visit this magnificent site with its massive pyramids, palaces, plazas and courtyards you will find yourself transported to a lost civilization of the Mayans when man lived in harmony with nature. The Pyramid of the Moon, the Quetzal-Butterfly Palace, the Palace of the Jaguar and the Quetzalcoatl temple are some of the impressive buildings of this ancient site.

Monte Alban
Monte Alban means the White Mountain. This ancient capital city of the Zapotecs lies outside the Mexican city of Oaxaca. Similar to other ancient sites of the region, Monte Alban too has its share of spacious plazas, huge palaces and sculptures. Here you will find an ancient Games Court called Juego Pelota. This Games Court is shaped in the form of the alphabet I with sloping sides. The North Platform and the South Platform offers splendid view of the valleys of Oaxaca. The Monument of the Dancers and El Palace are other major attractions of Monte Alban.

The ancient city of Palenque is surrounded by the dense tropical rain forest. The Temple of the Inscriptions, the Temple of the Skulls and Templo XIII are the ancient burial temples worth exploring in this ancient site.

Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, Uxmal was one of the prosperous cities of the Mayans. Its Pyramid of the Magician is well preserved for tourists to explore. The amazing Nun’s Quadrangle, the Governor’s Palace, the Games Court and the House of the Turtles are magnificent splendour of this Mayan city.

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza defines Mayan love for astronomy. The structures of the city are laid according to the movement of the sun and the stars. The Pyramid of Kukulcan is positioned in such a way by the ancient architects and astronomers that during the spring and autumn equinox the movement of the sun create the impression of a serpent moving over the pyramid. The El Caracol is an ancient observatory of this city. The sculptures curved on the walls of the Temple of the Jaguars, the Temple of the Skulls and the Main Ball Court are worth admiring.

The Great Pyramid of Coba is the key attraction of this site. The Temple of Pictures still has many murals on the walls depicting the mastery of the ancient Mayans artists.


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