Benefits of Sonoma Diet

sonoma-diet1 Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Sonoma Diet is a healthy diet, which helps to keep your body healthy. The objective of the Sonoma Diet is to help you lose unwanted fat by enjoying wholesome meals.

Sonoma Diet is segregated into three different segments or “Wave”.

Wave 1

The fist segment of the diet is expected to last for ten days. During this time, you gradually give up your bad eating habits. Refined flour products, sugary foods and other calorie rich foods that are absorbed quickly by the body and are responsible for weight gain are slowly eliminated from your diet. In the initial stage of dieting, when you are full of enthusiasm, the Wave 1 of the diet program is expected to produce the best results. After you become used to healthy eating habits in Wave 1 section of the diet program, you graduate to the next stage of the Sonoma diet.

Wave 2

Wave 2 of the Sonoma diet program will last until you are able to attain your target weight. The weight loss during the period of Wave 2 segment is much slower than the Wave 1 stage of the diet. Your new eating habit will be geared towards eating a healthy meal, munching your food slowly, which will provide enough time to aid in proper digestion of the food. The proponents of the Sonoma diet emphasizes on enjoying your meal, instead of simply swallowing it, something we often do when we are in a hurry.

Wave 3

After reaching your target weight, it is essential to maintain your body weight at that level. The Wave 3 of the Sonoma diet program deals with maintaining your body weight with healthy foods.

Sonoma diet portion

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, wine and lean meats are the essential components of the Sonoma diet plan. Besides emphasizing on the type of food, a healthy diet plan also outlines the amount we should eat. According to the Sonoma diet, we should use 7-inch plate or 2 cup bowls for breakfast. The plate size for our lunch and dinner should be 9 inches.


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