Baking Soda as a Stain Removing Agent

baking-soda-stain1 Baking Soda for Stain Removal

Baking soda may be very familiar to all of you and you may have it in your home. Have you ever thought about the use of baking soda as an agent in stain removal? If you are not aware of the sue of baking soda for stain removal then let me introduce baking soda as a pre treating agent for stain removal. I hope you will be happy to know about the stain removing process as most of you may go through the tough process of stain removal.

Pre-treating of Stain with Baking Soda

Make a paste with half a cup of hot water and six table spoon of baking soda. You can use this paste for the pre treatment of your stained cloth before washing it.

1. Removal of Blood Stains

A paste made from baking soda and hot water is used to rub the blood stain on the cloth. This will help to move the blood stain from the cloth. You have to follow this before washing the cloth.

2. Removing Sweat Stains

Baking soda paste will help to remove the stains caused by the sweat. It also expels the odor produced by the sweat stains. If it is a hard stain then leave the cloth rubbed with baking soda paste for two hours and then wash the cloth as you are doing regularly.

3. Remove the Stains Caused by Fruits and Wines

Stains caused by wines and fruits have to be treated quickly otherwise it will settle and make permanent marks on your cloth. If you don’t have time to wash then leave your cloth stain rubbed with baking soda paste or you can even put some baking soda simply over the stain. Make sure that you are pouring hot water and it is on the back of the stain. This will help you to throw out the stain from your cloth.

4. Removal of Vomiting Stains

Vomiting of kids on the clothes may create stains and an unbearable odor. This odor won’t go with regular washing. Baking soda paste will help you to remove the stains and the odor from the clothes.

Keep baking soda with your washing accessories which may help you at any point of time.


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