Attractions of Dubai Shopping Festival

dubai-shopping-festival2 Since 1996, Dubai has emerged as the shopping destination of the shopoholics of the world, courtesy the Dubai Shopping Festivals. Although, it is primarily aimed at promoting trade in this opulent Arab city, but the Shopping Festival has become an annual festival where sellers and buyers from all over the world conglomerate to participate in a month long extravaganza.

Attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival

Global Village
Most of the fun and frolic associated with shopping is primarily concentrated in the lavish Global Village. People from all over the world descend on this Global Village with their traditional products, handicrafts, clothing and food. Cultural shows, musical programs and dances are hosted everyday from 4pm to midnight.

Shopping Malls
Outside the Global Village, the large number of opulent shopping malls of Dubai, participate in the festival. Thousands of retail sellers display a wide array of products. Shoppers largely visit the Dubai Shopping Festival to buy gold, jewelries, electronic products, cars, cosmetics, textiles and handicrafts. For an ethnic Arabian shopping experience, you might visit the Souqs or the open-air markets. By honing your bargaining skills, you could buy beautiful goods at a huge discount from the Souqs. In Dubai, the gold souqs with their rich paraphernalia of gold jewelries and products are a major tourist attraction

Carpet Oasis
Carpet Oasis is a new attraction of Dubai Shopping Festival since 2005. Intricately designed Oriental and Persian rugs and carpets from all over the world are displayed under one roof in the exhibition arena.

Prizes and awards
Raffle draws and different awards are an important part of the Shopping Festival. You have the option of either buying a raffle ticket or you can get a coupon free for purchasing goods worth a certain amount. A large number of exciting prizes could be won from the draws. If you are lucky, you can win a large amount of money, gold and even luxury cars. Some of the lucky shoppers could also win the Ideal Arab Mother and the Ideal Family Award.


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