Aran Islands Attractions

inis-meain If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation amidst the beauty of nature, then head to the Aran Islands. With the sea waves splashing the solitary beaches dotted with old worn out monuments perched on mountain cliffs, and the rugged stone walls running for miles, the Aran Islands has everything you need for a romantic escapade. Located on the west coast of Ireland, in Galway Bay, the three Aran Islands are – Inis Mor, Inis Meain and Inis Oirr. These islands are believed to be the cradle of Irish culture.

Inis Mor
With more than 50 pre-Christian and Christian monuments located on this island, Inis Mor or the Big Island is a site of Celtic mythology. The Dun Aonghasa Fort located on a 300 feet high cliff on the west coast of the island, overlooking the Atlantic sea, is a world heritage site. The seven Churches, St Benins Church, the Black Fort, the old Light House and the Temphaill are some of the historic monuments on the island.

The worm hole and the puffing holes are interesting geological features of this island. The white sand beach on the eastern side of the island is one of the cleanest beaches of Europe. This is also a popular water-sporting venue. The Kilronan village and the adjacent Kilronan harbor come alive with festivals during the summer.

Inis Meain
This island was the retreat for Synge, the famous Irish playwright. The beauty of this island has been captured on the canvas of several painters. Inis Meain is a peaceful island, the least visited of the three Aran Islands.

Inis Oirr
This smallest of the three islands, 3km long and 3km wide has a lovely beach framed by a fort and a castle on top of a small hill. It has a quaint fishing village. The Aras Eanias or the arts center of the island is a storehouse of the traditional art and music of the island.

How to come here
To arrive in the Aran Islands, you can take a ferryboat or cruise from the Galway city Dockside or Ros a Mhil in Connemara or by air from Indreabhan.


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