Alexandria Travel Tips

alexendria Alexandria, named after its founder Alexander the Great, who founded this city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is a place worth visiting. Although, the 1952 National Movement has stripped the city of its former cosmopolitan charm, but its historical buildings, archeological relics and the cafes serving french pastries and coffee still bear testimony of Alexandria’s rich cultural heritage.

Arriving Here

You can take a bus or train from Cairo, Aswan or Luxor to arrive in Alexandria. The Abela Egypt Sleeping Train and Turbini express are the most comfortable trains connecting Alexandria to other Egyptian cities.

Alexandria attractions

The past of the wonderful Egyptian city is preserved in its several museums. The history of the city spanning for over a thousand year is preserved in the air-conditioned Italianate villa styled Alexandria National Museum. The Antiquities Museum has a wonderful collection of Greco-Roman Relics.

Shortly after the foundation of Alexandria, a grand library was built in the city by the first Ptolemy. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a 20th century building, which is a fitting tribute to the original library of the city.

Since the 4th century BC, Chatby Necropolis was the burial site of the early residents of Alexandria. According to archaeologists in this oldest cemetery of Alexandria, Alexander the Great was buried. The tombs of Necropolis of Anfushi belonging to the 2nd and 1st century BC are an interesting example of Egyptian motifs and practices adopted in Greek burial practices. The 2.7m tall Pompey’s Pillar, built from single granite, is a popular landmark of the city.  To the south of this pillar lies the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa, the largest Roman burial site in Egypt. The structures of the site are dedicated to the ancient Egyptian religion.

Alexandria also has some stunning mosques. The 17th century Terbana Mosque and Shorbagi Mosque and the Mosque of Abu Abbas al-Mursi built over a tomb of a 13th century Muslim saint are worth visiting.

Although the Montazah Palace is not accessible to the public, but the palace garden and its adjoining pine and palm plantation overlooking the sea, is a wonderful respite from the summer heat.

The seafront of Alexandria is dotted with several public and private beaches. The beaches between Montazah and Eastern Harbor are pretty crowded. Mamoura Beach is the most exclusive beach of the city. On the ruins of the ancient Pharos lighthouse in Eastern Harbour now stands the impressive 15th AD Fort Quaitbey.


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