Advantages of Milk

milk2 This white opaque liquid generated from a mammal’s body is said to be the most amazing natural source for vitamins and minerals. A glass of milk a day can keep the doctor miles away. Well, the proverb is true in all sense.

Once the baby is born to a mammal, the next step will be to breast feed the newborn in other to help him/her sustain. The mother’s immediate milk after the baby is born is called colostrum and it helps to pass down the antibodies from the mother to the baby. This increases the immune of the newborn and prevents it from getting affected with diseases easily.

Milk has very high nutrnitional values. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps in prevention of diseases like osteoporosis, and strengthens our bones. Similarly, vitamin D and K also help in performing the same functions.

Thus, it is extremely essential to include a glass of milk in your child’s daily diet. They are also rich sources of Vitamin A, which helps to increase the body immune. They help to enhance our energy level due to the presence of high level Vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

They along with potassium and magnesium also help to maintain the cardiovascular function of our body. You will also find traces of selenium which is a cancer preventive mineral. One of the most important positive effects of drinking milk is prevention of tooth decay.

Many people strangely believe that drinking milk leads to obesity. However, drinking low fat milks are good for health as they help in enhancing your energy level while you are dieting but add very less to your body fat.

Milk also adds huge nutrition to your skin tone. Drinking milk will help you have a glowing and patch free skin. You can also apply raw milk in your face pack for the purpose of beauty treatment. Drinking milk also helps in getting strong nails and teeth due to their rich content of calcium. You will also be gifted with beautiful hair if you drink milk regularly.

Thus, it is essential that you include at least one glass of milk in your daily diet to stay healthy and fit.


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