Advantages of Lemon

lemon-1 Lemon though sour has various sweet advantages. It is reach in vitamins and minerals and is thus extremely good for our health.

Lemon is a storehouse for Vitamin A and C. These are good for our skin, eyes, digestive system, etc. Lime is also rich in folate, which is highly essential for the body during pregnancy. Lemon is very useful in terms of maintaining the acid level of our body.

Lemon is also rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium etc. It is a very good treatment for obesity, skin tone, muscular soreness, hormone imbalances, metabolism, etc. A glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of lemon and salt in the early morning in an empty stomach can be the best option to keep you fit for the rest of the day.  It helps to reduce body fat, keeps your fresh throughout, enhances metabolism rate, increases your body energy level, improves your skin tone, etc.

Lemon though acidic in nature is said to be the best manager for the acid- alkali effect within the body. This helps to increase the immunity and helps us combat various body viruses and bacterias.  The raw sugar content in lemon is high which helps to maintain the balance within the body.

Lemon helps in detoxification of our bodies by driving out the toxic items from within the body and thus, facilitating digestion system. Lemon is a very good antioxidant.

There are also other utilities of lemon apart from facilitating our body functions. It also adds an extra taste to your cuisine. Lemon can be used to garnish the dishes you cook, in order to make them look attractive. Lemon also acts as an astringent for your skin tone. You can use lemon in a face pack to get an instant glowing effect on your face. The acid factor in lemon also makes it a very good stain remover from clothes. You can always squeeze a piece on lemon on stubborn stains, rub them well and leave it for sometime before washing it. This will help to remove the stain.