A Positive Self-Image – Which Of The Following Category Do You Put Yourself In

image Each time you look into the mirror, how exactly do you feel? From my interactions with people every day, many say that they feel nice, happy, comfortable and confident. That’s really wonderful but there are many others who do not feel the same. Rather, they feel nervous, uncomfortable and even seem to lack confidence.

Our self-image is the complex impression we have about our physical appearance, social rules, personal history and personality traits which matters a lot. The image we have of ourselves is an important factor in the development of our skills and our personality in the maintenance of our emotional health and in the sheer enjoyment of life.

Those with a negative self-image tend to:
Lack self-confidence
Feel insecure, sceptical and fearful
Accept being ignored, hurt and rebuffed
Have no pride in their achievements
Feel embarrassed by compliments

Those with a positive self-image tend to:
Accept themselves as they are
Accept others as they are
Feel secure and confident
Have reasonable pride in themselves and their achievements
Accept compliments gracefully

Through great research and observations I found out four attitudes to life:

1. I’m not O.K…you’re O.K (The Sulk)
Such a person-
Is an introvert and cannot accept himself
Suffers from an inferiority complex and gets away from others
Thinks his life is not worth much, so looks for support
Gets negative strokes

2. I’m not O.K…you’re not O.K (The Loser)
Such a person-
Rejects himself so does not trust himself and others
Cannot get along with others, easily gives up
Thinks that life is not worth living, blames the whole world for his problems
Gives and gets negative strokes

3. I’m O.K…you’re not O.K (The Arrogant)
Such a person-
Forcibly asserts self-acceptance
Is bossy and demanding, gets rid of others
Thinks that his life is more important than that of others
Gives negative strokes

4. I’m O.K…you’re O.K (The Winner)
Such a person-
Accepts himself and others as they are
Gets along with others with mutual respect
Thinks that life is worth living
Gives and gets positive strokes.


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