A Girl’s Guide to Sex

guide-to-sex-1 Having a good sex life is one of the important components of a successful relationship. A limpid sexual relationship has often played a spoilsport in many a relation. In today’s world when life has become so hectic we are often left tired and bereft of the motivation to think and act differently to keep up the pace. But having good sex is just about doing things a little differently to spice up your personal equation. Both the partners are equally responsible for a pleasurable experience.

Most women think otherwise putting the onus of a successful and healthy sexual relation on their partners. If you really want to experience a totally satisfying relationship you will definitely need to know about some of the bedroom tricks. Here is a list of some of the obvious and some not-so-obvious things that you could do:

Learn to say ‘no’

Making love when you are not in the mood will do no good to either of you. You will not just be lying to your partner to yourself as well. Learn to tell your man about it gently and lovingly with a promise to make up for the rebuff. And the next time you are in the mood, go all out.

Dispel his fears

Contrary to what is believed about them, most men worry about the size of their penis. Dispel his fears about his size, energy and capacity to satisfy you in bed. When in bed with him make him feel that he is ‘The man’. But this does not mean that you will stop being a challenge to him, as men love a good chase though they can be quite lazy!

Get stimulated

You could play a game with your partner to up the heat quotient. Playing strip poker is a good idea to having a great stimulation for good sex! It can be great fun to play this game of seduction and will leave the both of you clamoring for sex in the end.

Reveal your Fantasies

Communicating your fantasies to your partner can be a very conducive form of foreplay. This helps to get the both of you to know each other well and lets him know what would be pleasurable for you.

Work Jealousy to your advantage

A little of the green-eyed monster can do wonders to your relation. A little of harmless flirting with other men in front of your man will work to your advantage as it will make him aware of your desirability. But if your partner struggles with insecurity this is strictly a no-no.

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